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Tone Nirvana, Michael Püttmann
Albrechtstrasse 26, 80636 Munich, Germany
phone  +49 (0)89 45815614
hours  Tuesday - Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

Tone Nirvana is devoted to helping guitar and bass players get the tones they desire out of equipment that inspires and does not let them down.

* electric guitars & basses, amps, effects & accessories
* boutique, vintage & quality pre-owned
* buy, sell, trade & consign
* full service for electric guitars & vintage tube amps
* specializing in top notch restoration & pro-grade optimization
* custom pedalboards & looper/switching systems
* rigs & tone systems

Due to the tense energy situation and as an act of solidarity, the store lighting will only be switched on for customer visits until further notice. Please ring the bell during opening hours even if the showroom is darkened.

Aufgrund der angespannten Energie-Situation und als Akt der Solidarität wird die Shop-Beleuchtung bis auf weiteres nur für Kunden-Besuche angeschaltet. Bitte läutet während der Öffnungszeiten auch bei abgedunkeltem Showroom.